MLM Industry Software

Software Solution for MLM Industry

    MLM companies are running their business only on trust, and it becomes completely inevitable to move on the business without the help of the MLM software. Another important thing to be noted is MLM software should also support after its development which is not mostly considered by other MLM software Development Companies. But we consider this, as we do not believe in only selling our product to the MLM companies. What is more important for us is to build up your faith in us and not only this but also maintain that faith of yours in us even after you have started using our product.

    At Skill Teaser we don’t want to be your software vendor but we trust in making our self as your IT Partner. Thus only developing software is not important but supporting it after its development is also needed which is nicely considered by us.

    Software in its totality consists of following:
  • Name of the domain
  • User Role management
  • Admin Panel
  • User’s Panel
  • Web Hosting
  • Attractive, Eye catching Website Design
  • Panel of the Operator
  • E-Pin Management
  • E-Wallet Management
  • SMS Gateway
  • Email Notification of Each Activity
  • Integration of Payment Gateway (such as credit card facility, etc.)
  • Inventory Management
  • Printing of the Cheque
  • Controlling franchise
  • Full user Management
  • Cheque Printing for Payout
  • TDS Reports
  • Other Taxation Reports
  • Genealogy
  • Fully Customizable Payout Process
  • CMS based Website & Software
  • And Many more

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